Tuesday, 25 February 2020


Please follow the below steps to create VXLAN in NSX.


1) Login on to the Virtual Center.

For Example:- In my demo lab, I have the VC named as TestVC1 -



2) Go to the path - Home - Network and Security


3) On the left hand panel, click on Logical Switches.


4) On the top of the window, click on Add which would open up a new window named New Logical Switch.


5) Enter the name of the logical switch. Choose the transport zone according to the logical switch.


6) Choose the replication mode according to your environment.

We have 3 replication modes - Multicast, Unicast and Hybrid.

As I have VXLAN controlled by NSX Controller Cluster, hence I choose Unicast.


7) I have enabled IP Discovery and Mac Learning.

(Universal Synchronization is not enabled in this scenerio)


8) Now click on Add.

Now we will map the created VXLAN to the required DLR.


9) On the laft hand pane, click on NSX Edges and on the right side, double click the required DLR.


10) Go to the Manage Tab - Settimgs - Interfaces.

In the Interfaces Tab, click on Add.


11) Enter the name of the interface according to the VXLAN added.

In my lab I choose the same name of the VXLAN of this interface.


12) In my example, I am creating an Internal Link, hence choose type as Internal.


13) Click on the pencil icon in Connected to option and choose the same logical switch which you created earlier and click Ok.


14) Now in the below screen, in the Configure Subnets Section, click on Add and Enter the gateway for the VXLAN and enter the Subnet Prefix Length and select Add.

Note:- These details will be provided by the Network Team in your environment.


15) In the end, Click on Save to save the required configuration.

 Note:- If you have VRA in your environment, please create the requird Network Profiles according to the VXLAN created. And map the new network profiles to the VXLAN in the reservations accordingly.

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