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Prerequisits:- Please download the Bios and Firmware ISO file for the Dell Server according to the Type and Model.

1) Open the ID RAC of the physical server for which you want to upgrade the firmware and bios. Enter the IP address below:-

For example:- https://IP address/login.html

2) Once the ID RAC page comes up, enter the username and password and click on Submit button.

3) Once you are logged in, click on + Sign next to the Overview option on the left hand side panel and click on Virtual Console.

3) On the Virtual console page click on the option - Launch Virtual Console. Click on Continue to accept the Security Warning.

Note:- Please make sure that plug in type is selected to Java on this page.

4) Click on run on the Java dialog window for the Virtual Console.
Click on Continue when asked by the Virtual Console Wizard.
5) Once the ID-RAC page is opened, click on the Virtual Media option and then click on Connect Virtual Media.

6) Now again click on Virtual Media and click on Map CD/DVD.
7)  Click on Browse option and select the ISO file. Once the file is selected click on Map Device.

8) From the Next Boot Menu, choose the option of Lifecycle controller as the next boot device for the next boot for the server.

9) Click on Ok

 10) Now reboot the server to start the firmware and bios upgrade.
Note:- Please make sure to put the server out of the production before performing this step.

11)  Once the server is rebooted, it would enter the Lifecycle controller automatically.

12) Once the Lifecycle Controller Wizard loads, it would show the below options.

Note:- As the server is already in production, hence we are skipping this step.
Click on Cancel to cancel the wizard.

13) Here we are skipping this step as it has already been completed in the initial build phase. Choose the option No as shown below.

14) Now on the Lifecycle Controller page, choose the option - Get the latest firmware.

15) On the Firmware Update page:- Select the option - Local Drive and click on Next.

 16) In the Launch Firmware Update wizard, Click on Next option.

Note:- The local drive will show you the name of the Virtual Media mounted in Step 7.
17)   Once the validation of the media is complete

18) This page will show you all the current and available updates
Note:- The wizard will automatically pick all the updates which are required to be upgraded.

19) Now click on apply to start the upgrade process.

20) Once the upgrade is completed, the server will be rebooted automatically.

21) Once the server is rebooted, it would again enter the Lifecycle controller.

Click on the Exit option to exit the Lifecycle Controller.
This would reboot the server.
This completes the process of upgrade of Dell Bios and Firmware.

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